The Attorney General of Pennsylvania has sued the David Cutler Group, accusing the developer of performing shoddy stucco construction that left homes vulnerable to water damage. Now, our lawyers are filing lawsuits on behalf of homeowners, pursuing compensation to cover remediation expenses.

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Perry Liss Stucco“Pennsylvania’s Attorney General believes the David Cutler Group has wronged homeowners. We’re standing up for individual families.”

— Perry Liss, Esq.

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The experienced attorneys at have filed two new lawsuits on behalf of homeowners who say faulty stucco construction performed by the David Cutler Group has left their homes vulnerable to widespread water damage and mold growth.

PA Homeowners Sue The David Cutler Group

Homeowners in several Pennsylvania communities, all built by the David Cutler Group, have learned through independent moisture inspections that their homes are riddled with extensive water damage. A serious safety threat to adults and children alike, stucco-related water damage can jeopardize the structural integrity of a home, while allowing toxic black mold to grow unchecked. Many families living in David Cutler-built communities report stucco remediation costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Homes In Residential Development

At least five families have already filed lawsuits against the David Cutler Group, accusing the developer of building their stucco homes in violation of internationally-accepted building codes.

In addition to our own active cases, our lawyers are representing at least 10 families who plan to file suit against the David Cutler Group over similar construction issues in the coming weeks. We are currently consulting with dozens of other homeowners who are considering their legal options. To learn more, contact the attorneys at for a free consultation.

Providence Lea

In a lawsuit filed in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, a couple living in Collegeville says improper stucco construction by the David Cutler Group has left them facing remediation bills in excess of $250,000. The home’s alleged problems, however, only came to light after the couple learned that the stucco used on their neighbors’ homes had been improperly installed, according to the complaint.


Their home is one of 33 single-family residences in the David Cutler Group’s Providence Lea development, a community centered around Steinbright Drive in Collegeville. Many families living in in the Providence Lea development “are having the same problems with their stucco,” the complaint says.

Hoping to investigate the conditions of their residence, Plaintiffs contacted The Green Valley Group in October of 2016, asking the certified moisture and home exterior inspector to perform a thorough evaluation of the property. After conducting multiple tests, including a visual inspection and invasive probe testing, Green Valley’s inspectors confirmed the couple’s worst suspicions, the complaint reads, “discovering water infiltration damage as a result of defective construction and design.” In their report, the home inspectors noted a host of construction deficiencies that worked together to allow for “prolonged water penetration”:

  • inadequate installation of cladding and flashing
  • improper water resistant barrier application around doors and windows
  • obstructed weep holes
  • punctured window tracks or frames
  • improper kickout flashing installation

With Green Valley’s inspection report in hand, the couple started looking for solutions, contacting multiple stucco contractors for bids on a remediation project. After speaking with several contractors, along with their neighbors, plaintiffs learned that “all of the stucco on their home was improperly installed and must be replaced.” Thus far, plaintiffs have received two estimates from certified stucco remediation companies, ranging between $257,000 and $279,218. Understandably, the couple says they would never have purchased their home if the property’s alleged construction issues had been disclosed at an earlier time.

Estates At Warwick Lea

In a second complaint filed by our attorneys, homeowners living in a David Cutler Group development in Warwick Township, the Estates at Warwick Lea, report a strikingly similar issue.

Like the family at Providence Lea, Plaintiffs in this second lawsuit say they only learned that their stucco had been improperly installed from neighbors, who were having difficulties of their own. After becoming aware of the potential for water damage, the couple quickly contacted the David Cutler Group, but the company did “nothing” to correct the issue, Plaintiffs claim. Since then, the couple has received verification that moisture has invaded the home, according to their complaint, as “what appears to be black mold has begun to grow on the inside walls of the Property and on the stucco outside.”

While the couple has not yet received an inspection, they believe that defective stucco construction is at the root of their apparent water damage, in part because their neighbors are dealing with identical issues. In light of remediation estimates on similar homes, Plaintiffs expect to pay upwards of $300,000 to repair their stucco.

David Cutler: Under Fire Over Stucco

The David Cutler Group is one of Pennsylvania’s largest privately-held residential development companies, with communities throughout the Delaware Valley, including:

  • Montgomery Preserve (Montgomery Township)
  • Montgomery Walk (Montgomery Township)
  • The Meadows at Parkview (Montgomery Township)
  • Oak Creek at Warrington (Warrington Township)
  • Reserve at Waynebrook (Upper Uwchlan Township)
  • Ridings of Warwick (Warwick Township)
  • The Estates at Warwick Lea (Warwick Township)
  • Stony Creek Farms (Worcester)
  • Trewellyn Chase (Lower Gwynedd Township)
  • Providence Lea (Lower Providence Township)

Featuring sweeping lawns and stately homes, David Cutler Group communities appear to provide families with ideal residences in the most desirable locations. The company advertises “meticulously polished homes” and “quality home construction” throughout marketing materials, but dozens of homeowners tell a different story – describing rampant water damage and soaring remediation bills.

Pennsylvania Says Developer Violated State Law

The stucco issues experienced by homeowners have not gone unnoticed. In fact, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Office has itself filed suit against the David Cutler Group, accusing the developer of misrepresenting the quality of homes and failing to provide families with “weather-resistant” residences.

In a press release published on October 6, 2016, State Attorney General Bruce R. Beemer said that his own investigations had found evidence that the David Cutler Group violated “manufacturers’ recommendations, building codes and accepted industry practices involving the installation of stucco, weather barriers, and flashings.” Now, individual homeowners have joined the fight, pursuing justice and compensation in their own civil lawsuits.

Learn More About David Cutler Group Lawsuits

Our experienced stucco water damage lawyers have already been chosen to represent a number of families in actions against the David Cutler Group and we may be able to help you. Is your home affected by water penetration? Have other homeowners in your development been experiencing problems? Contact our attorneys today to receive a free legal consultation – at no obligation. You may be eligible for a no win no fee case.

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