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Thousands of stucco homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are threatened by untimely water damage. Our attorneys can help families pursue compensation.
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A serious construction problem is leaving homes across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York vulnerable to rot and water damage. Stucco-clad homes are being eaten away from the inside out, lowering property values, creating serious health risks for families and leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediation bills.

Stucco Problems, Water Damage
Ruin Homes In Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York

Entire residential developments are crumbling in the North-East, where the use of stucco has seen a rapid increase over the last decade. After investing millions in new homes, tens of thousands of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York homeowners have learned only too late that their houses were defectively made from the start.

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Signs Of Water Damage In Stucco Homes

Spotting water damage in a stucco-clad home can be difficult. The first signs of water damage almost always appear at flashing, windows or other joints, where stucco comes into contact with another material.

  • discoloration below windows
  • staining around skylights
  • warped base trim
  • wet carpet under windows
  • improperly installed flashing

Watch for scaffolding in your area, which may be a sign that other families are starting stucco remediation projects. Many newer neighborhoods in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York were built by a single contractor within the same timeframe, meaning defects that mar one house could threaten them all.

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Defective Construction: The Root Of Stucco Water Damage

The vast majority of stucco problems come down to “faulty construction,” says independent home inspector Kevin Thompson. Speaking to ABC6, Thompson said that wood rot – disproportionately seen in newer stucco-clad structures – is a billion dollar issue in Pennsylvania.

Stucco itself is surprisingly permeable to water, especially when the plaster has been mixed with a mineral known as lime. While lime makes stucco easier to mold, and thus apply, the calcium-based substance also adds to the porous quality of plaster. That means stucco homes are particularly vulnerable to water infiltration, a problem that contractors must guard against with extreme caution.

Many stucco homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York, however, aren’t being built properly. Some new construction is marred by multiple serious defects, faults that allow water to be trapped behind the stucco with no chance of drainage.

In most cases, this isn’t a maintenance issue. It’s a problem with construction, hasty sub-par construction that is being foisted off on unsuspecting home buyers as “high-quality work.”

The effects of improper stucco construction go far beyond the structural integrity of a home. While water damage is a serious problem, rotting the internal frame of a house, many families have been shocked to learn that they were living surrounded by black mold for years. Parents and children have been placed at risk of developing severe respiratory disorders.

Defective Stucco Homes Leave
Families Out-Of-Pocket

The remediation process can be long and difficult, not to mention extremely expensive. Once a stucco home has become subject to water damage – rotting from the inside out – there is little remediation experts can do other than start over. Often, the entire exterior of the home will need to be removed. Windows and doors are ripped out, as are any compromised sections of sheathing, insulation and framing beneath.  Many homes need to be torn down to the studs. Then, the entire construction process begins anew, nearly from scratch. Some homeowners have been forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair their stucco homes, structures left in shambles by water infiltration.

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Home Builders
Can Be Held Responsible

Developers, contractors and subcontractors have a legal obligation to provide livable homes, structures free of serious defects. When that obligation is violated, homeowners have every right to pursue compensation and accountability in a lawsuit.

Take action now. All too often, homeowners allow water damage to spread unchecked, even as their legal options dwindle. Speak with an experienced attorney now – before your family loses the chance to make a claim.

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